The Heritage of Fleet Street

The Fleet Street Heritage Project

  The Fleet Street Heritage Sundial is the public face of the project and is now completed
The next stage is the development of the information panels and the associated website. We are planning to produce at least 75 information panels, typically of 700 words or so, with two pictures on each panel. Each panel will be linked with a QR code to a parallel sister page on the website. Panels in preparation marked **
Volume 1 - General
Volume II - Past newspapers
Volume III - Current newspapers
Fleet Street in the 1500s
Points of interest / Map
List of newspapers and dates
No 62 Fleet Street
Fleet Street Heritage Sundial
Richard Carlile

William Caslon /Typefounders
Magpie Alley

Ashentree Court
Freedom of the Press**
A Compositor's Work**
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
Crane Court**
St Dunnstans-in--the-West**
St Bride's Chiurch**
Temple Bar
Inner Temple**
Middle Temple**
Fleet Street in the 1600s
Fleet Street in the 1700s**
Fleet Street in the 1800s
Fleet Street in the 1900s
Fleet Street today
Clockmaking industry
Thomas Tompion**
Temple Church
Pall Mall Gazette
Daily Herald
The Republican
Daily Courant
Morning Post
News of the World
Daily News**
Daily Chronicle**
News Chronicle
Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
Morning Chronicle
Daily Post
Black Dwarf**
Poor Man's Guardian**
Reynolds News**
Saturday Review
Empire News
Workers Dreadnought
Children's Newspaper
Daily Worker
Daily Telegraph
Sunday Times
The Times
Evening Standard
Financial Times
Daily Mail
Daily Express
Daily Mirror
Sunday Express
Sunday Mireror
Sunday Telegraph
Morning Star